How to make a sand art picture on a budget

Updated: Jan 19

Sand art is a simple, but extremely effective and fun craft, for everyone 3-103 years.

With so many different pictures to choose from, in different sizes, and detail, there is something for everyone.

The sand is eco dyed, and colourfast, making it compliant with all UK and EC safety standards. The pictures are laser cut stickers to peel, with a sticky white layer underneath for the sand, so no glue is needed. The Disney pictures are all fully licensed.

What comes in your pack?

Each pack contains:

  • your chosen picture(s)

  • an instructions leaflet

  • tubes of sand (amount of sand depends on size of picture)

  • yellow picker stick

  • display sleeve

  • hanging hook with larger pictures or ribbon/string with oval pictures

Suggested extra’s not included:

  • a tray to complete your picture on, and contain excess sand

  • a small tub or bin, for disposing of the peelings

  • a small tub for the excess sand, you may want to save excess sand, to make rainbow sand. More on that later.

Hints and tips for completing your picture

The whole picture is stickers, both yellow and black. The black is your outline, so best left. If you wish to sand paint the outline, I recommend starting with this.

It’s advisable to start with darker colours, and finish with light colours and white, to avoid dark running into light.

Some stickers can be fiddly, particularly the small sections. If you want to be able to leave your child to their craft, I suggest choosing a picture with less tiny fiddly sections.

Picture sizes to choose from (Examples of each size are in the image below),

A4 (Disney Princess Belle)

A5 (The unicorn)

A6 (The minibus)

Oval (The boats)

The estimated time to complete pictures, based on picture detail and child's ability, is approximately 10-20 minutes for oval size, and approximately 30-45 minutes for A4.

We also offer complete 2 in 1 Disney boxed packs, which can be found in our Kids Bee Happy Collection.

How to complete your picture?

Choose a sticker to start with, and pick up the yellow picker stick. Use the flat end of the picker sticker, to lift the edge of the sticker as shown in the picture below. You should be able to easily see the laser cut outline, don't worry if you accidentally lift the black sticker, just use the picker to tap it back down.

Peel one sticker at a time, you will be left with a sticky white layer. Put the peelings in a tub to put in the bin later, or directly into the bin.

Choose your colour, and pour a little bit over the sticky white area. Lift the picture and tap the edge on your tray, to remove the excess. Avoid using the picker or your finger to scrap excess off, this can result in rubbing sand off that won't stick back on.

As you can see from the image below, you can collect the excess sand, to create rainbow sand (or unicorn sand if you like).

It's extra fun to use rainbow sand for backgrounds, quirky animals, or anything you choose. Then any left over sand can be kept in a tub/sandwich bag, for future pictures or to play with.

When you have peeled and painted all the yellow sections of your picture, it is time to prepare it for display. Put your picture into the display sleeve, peel the blue/clear strip from the opening, then fold to seal. If you plan to give your picture as a gift, and put a message on the back, do this before sealing. Then peel the paper off the back of the hanging hook, and stick the hook to the back of your picture, try to keep it to the centre for a straight hanging picture.

Your picture is complete, and ready to hang or gift to someone.

If you have enjoyed your craft, and would like to do some more. We have some bulk packs that are great for sharing with siblings, or over multiple sessions. See more in our KidsBeeHappy collection and sign up for our email list to receive updates on new stock, pictures and craft ideas.

It would be lovely to see your completed pictures, please share your masterpieces on Instagram and tag us

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